Knudsen’s Ice Creamery

Address: 3323 Castro Valley Blvd., Castro Valley, CA
Phone: (510) 582-2775
Hours: Sun. 12 noon – 10pm; Mon. – Thurs. 11am – 10pm; Fri. – Sat. 11am – 11pm

We were introduced to Ice Creamery a few years ago, but since moving to Castro Valley we have become frequent customers at this local favorite whenever we visit with family and friends. In December alone, we were there 3 times! And because they had a special gift for the month, we have to go back in this month to have our envelopes opened to see what we are treated with. This is a unique restaurant to dine at. They have sandwiches, burgers, salads, and soups. They make their own chocolates and ice creams as well. When you order the ice cream creations, they are HUGE! While we normally don’t order from the kid’s menu because Melody loves whatever we order, there is one available. The place is very clean and spacious. There is parking in the back. Kids can have coloring pages while they wait. You can purchase stuffed animals. There are “goodie” machines coming in from the parking lot entrance. Another of Melody’s favorites when we go there is the Batmobile. She has yet to actually ride it. The customer service is usually good, but I guess we all have our bad days.

ice_creameryChildren’s Menu [y]
Changing Station [y]
Highchairs/Boosters [y]
Stroller Access [maximal]

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– Joyce

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